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  • E-mail marketing campaigns »

  • Advertising is pivotal to your online success. We can send all the necessary marketing material to your opted-in subscribers. Quotes are available on request, as the price depends on the number of e-mails sent, and the size thereof, and whether there is any development work required.
  • Graphic design »

  • Our design team are experts in designing brochures, flyers, banners, posters, newsletters, ballot papers and marketing material.
  • Search engine marketing »

  • Utilizing the best facilities available to market your website, we can ensure that you brand is marketed effectively in a cost-effective fashion.
  • Search engine optimization »

  • With our search engine optimization packages, we can make sure that your customers will find your site on the web.
  • Site maintenance »

  • We ensure that your site is found on the internet. With more visitors, greater care is needed to keep it in tip-top condition by ensuring that you have the latest updates, the freshest content, and intuitive tools for managing your own content, should you wish to do so.
  • Social media management »

  • Social media and brand management is often just as important to your core business than your best marketing efforts. Customers love responsiveness. By ensuring that you respond to complaints and compliments in the social arena, your brand can capitalize on compliments given to show the humanity of your brand, and damage can be limited by dealing properly with negative publicity.
  • Usability analysis »

  • Even the most beautiful website, if it is not user friendly, will not retain visitors that you've worked hard to attract to your site in the first place. By following the examples set by industry leaders in usability, such as Jakob Nielsen, InternetMAX ensures that users can easily navigate your site, and that your content is logically organized.
  • User experience analysis »

  • By ensuring that site visitors are enjoying their visit to your site, by providing relevant content, appealing design, and great responsiveness, we also assist in ensuring that they come back.
  • Web design...

  • By following the latest industry trends in web design, InternetMAX designs your site in such a way that it will appeal to a wide range of audiences while still getting the message across that you mean business.
  • Web development »

  • We are harnessing the power of proven technologies such as PHP and jQuery, to ensure that your site is fast, robust and reliable.
  • Web hosting »

  • Our high quality hosting ensures that your site is available more than 99.9%. By using the best infrastructure and bandwidth providers available, we can maintain this threshold and even guarantee it!

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General contact information

Dorothy - 0824411299 (
Tanya - 0828517584 (

Administration and Billing

Should you have ay query with an administrative or billing inquiry, please use this e-mail address: InternetMAX administration and billing.

Sales and Marketing

Our sales team is able and willing to discuss the details of your upcoming projects. Please use the following e-mail address to contact the sales team: InternetMAX sales.


For all existing development projects feel free to get in touch with our development team by using the following e-mail address: InternetMAX development.


If your request is primarily desig oriented and with regards to projects already initiated, please contact our design team by using the following address: InternetMAX design.


We love receiving feedback, comments, constructive criticism, and just a general hello to all of us. By sending your note to the following address, your message will reach our entire team. The InternetMAX team.


InternetMAX planned, designed and developed this mail house's website. We also provide hosting and e-mail facilities.
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